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Meal Prep Ottawa introduces Family Meal Plans, a collection of prepared healthy family meals designed to bring both convenience and nourishment to your dining table. Embracing the essence of shared meals, our variety includes beloved dishes like butter chicken, shrimp mac & cheese, paella, souvlaki, fajitas, lasagna, and a range of fresh salads, ensuring there’s something to please every palate in your household.

Our commitment goes beyond just serving your family; with every Family Meal Plan purchased, a portion of our proceeds benefits the Ronald McDonald House - Ottawa through their Meals that Heal program. By choosing our family meals, you're not just making mealtime easier and healthier for your family, but you're also contributing to a stronger community, supporting families in need.

These family-friendly meals save you time and energy without sacrificing quality or nutrition, making family dinners a moment to look forward to without the hassle of cooking from scratch. Join us in embracing easy, delicious, and meaningful dining experiences with Meal Prep Ottawa’s Family Meal Plans.


Family Meals

14 products


14 products

Canada Day Picnic
Canada Day Picnic Sale price$45.01 CAD
Family Size Butter Chicken
Family Size Butter Chicken Sale price$74.00 CAD
Ultimate Shrimp Mac & Cheese
Ultimate Shrimp Mac & Cheese Sale price$74.00 CAD
Creamy Demi-Glace Peppercorn Meatballs
Creamy Demi-Glace Peppercorn Meatballs Sale price$69.00 CAD
Grilled Chicken Parmesan
Grilled Chicken Parmesan Sale price$74.00 CAD
Family Paella Mixta
Family Paella Mixta Sale price$74.00 CAD
Homemade Lasagna
Homemade Lasagna Sale price$50.00 CAD
Texan Fajita
Texan Fajita Sale price From $74.00 CAD
Chicken Souvlaki Family Feast
Chicken Souvlaki Family Feast Sale price$74.00 CAD
Cajun Roasted Drumsticks
Cajun Roasted Drumsticks Sale price$50.00 CAD
Family Size Caesar Salad and Chocolate Caramel Brownie
Family Size Caesar Salad and Chocolate Caramel Brownie Sale price$35.00 CAD
MPO Authentic Pasta Sauce
MPO Authentic Pasta Sauce Sale price$7.00 CAD
Sandwich Pack
Sandwich Pack Sale price$24.00 CAD
Indigenous History Month - Cedar Braised Bison Meal
Indigenous History Month - Cedar Braised Bison Meal Sale price From $16.00 CAD