How It Works

What is the cut off for ordering meals?

We deliver our meals twice a week on Wednesdays & Sundays. 

For Wednesday delivery, our cutoff is Tuesday 9am, For Sunday delivery our cutoff is Friday 9am.


What Do I Do With The Thermal Delivery Bag & Ice Packs?

In order to keep costs down, we ask that you return the thermal bag & ice packs that your meals are delivered in. We will pick up them up on the following delivery.  Please leave them at your front door. It's also a great way to be environmentally friendly!  


What Are My Meals Delivered In?

Our food is delivered in thermal insulated packaging with ice packs that keep your food cold.


Do I have to be home to accept the delivery?

There is no need to be home when your bag arrives: It'll be fine at your doorstep! Our insulated bags are packed with ice packs to ensure that your meals stay nice and cold. When you get home, place your meals directly in the refrigerator.