New Retail Location Now Open. 436 Richmond Rd in Westboro

How It Works


Choose a plan or go a la carte. We've got you covered. 

All of our meals are free of hormones and antibiotics. We use unprocessed, GMO-Free produce, and all of our meals are Gluten Free.


From there, our professional chefs prepare your meals in a state-of-the-art-facility.  

Allergies or dislikes? Once you have added items to your cart, there is a comment box available at the bottom left-hand corner of the page where you can leave us information regarding allergies or dislikes.

We can accommodate a maximum of two allergies/dislikes combined. Items such as garlic / onions are not avoidable. Please contact us prior to placing an order if you have more than two allergies or dislikes.  


All that's left to do is heat and enjoy your macro-aligned meals!

All our meal containers are microwave-safe and BPA-free. Open the lid and leave it loosely covered on the container, microwave for 2-3 minutes (if your meal contains any sauce containers, remove those before heating). Heating time will vary depending on the power of your appliance and personal preference.
Containers are NOT oven safe, but you can put your food on an oven safe dish if you prefer the oven. All meals are best reheated before consumption. All our meals are cooked one day prior from delivery. They will keep 4-5 days refrigerated. We recommend freezing some of your meals to prolong their freshness for several weeks.