Clean & Mean Meal Plan

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Order cut-off times: Friday 9am for Sunday delivery & Tuesday 9am for Wednesday delivery. CHEFS CHOICE ROTATING MENU

Menu Being Delivered June 23rd & June 26th

Grilled Herb Chicken, Lemon Artichoke Vegetable Quinoa

Maple Mustard Her Chicken, Roasted Yukon Potato & Broccoli

Asian Ground Turkey, Sesame Soy Rice Noodles & Green Bean Stir Fry

Beef Strogonaff, Red Bliss Potatoes and Root Vegetables

Ground Beef Fajita Bowl, Seasoned Rice, Black Beans, Corn & Peppers


Menu Being Delivered June 30th & July 3rd

Basil Lime Chicken, Coconut Red Bean Rice & Veggies

Durban Chicken Curry, Mint Scallion Rice & Broccoli

Smoked Chipotle Ground Turkey with Cumin Dusted Yukon Potato & Garlic Zucchini

French Onion Meatloaf, Rustic Smashed Red Potato & Green Beans

Baked Cod Fillet with Lemon Dill Sauce, Wild Rice & Quinoa Vegetable Medley

Average Macronutrients

38g PROTEIN / 15g FAT / 42g NET CARBS / 455 kcal CALORIES

The meals you receive may not follow this menu exactly. We commonly do substitutions to use seasonal veggies and promote sustainable practices.

Meal Prep Ottawa's Clean & Mean Meal Plan is built around exactly what its name implies, a lifestyle of clean eating. Our Clean & Mean Meal Plan is not focused on any particular diet like Ketogenic or Vegetarian, but instead just excludes generally unhealthy elements like high sodium content, MSG, and minimizing Saturated Fats.  

For those of us who do not follow any particular diet, the Clean & Mean Meal Plan is one of the more exciting plans we offer because it is less restrictive. Most food types are allowed, including complex carbohydrates and a wider variety of sauces. For those of us that have not focused on our diet and nutrition for a long time, and are significantly overweight, the Clean & Mean Meal Plan is a great place to start your meal prep journey.

Highlights of the Clean & Mean Meal Plan

  • Free from dairy, gluten and low in sodium.
  • Everything we produce is low fat, low salt and low calorie but very high in nutritional value.
  • Our chef’s cook from scratch and let the ingredients speak for themselves. Absolutely no artificial flavoring.
  • Meal Prep Ottawa is the ultimate fusion cuisine, offering dishes utilizing Italian, French, Asian, Mexican, Mediterranean and North American cuisines to name a few.
  • Meals are very similar to a casual restaurant’s meals. 
Meals Per Week: 5

Meals Per Week

Customer Reviews

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Chantal Nantel

Excellent quality and decent portions.

manon d.
Excellent! Very tasty! So practical.

The food is excellent, great service, good selection, fresh, healthy. I like to encourage local. I recommend!

Lisa Baker
Vegan Meals very good!

So far I have ordered the Vegan Meal plan twice (with a third order on its way) from Meal Prep and they have all been delicious. I find the portions are a good size and I love that they have the macros listed right there on the package so I don't have to work it out myself. Recommend for sure.

Hyunsoo Kwak

I love it.
Perfect vegetable.
All the food combinations are harmonious.

Jennifer Rose
Athlete Meal Plan

Highly recommend! The food is good and very fresh. I found the portions to be huge so split some days into 2 meals.